Bit, 2015

The works that make up my series Bit were created from a combination of artistic restlessness and a desire to push the definition of photography.  What started out as a mundane task, scanning text and images from a book into the computer, turned into playful experimentation.  I discovered the artistic possibilities of the scanner that day and began manipulating the results.  By controlling the bit depth, I had the power to reveal or conceal as much information as I wanted and this process created brand new images.

I’m drawn to creating work like this, as I’m interested in how technology makes uncontrollable errors.  I have little idea what the image will look like and what I get is always a surprise.  Technology, as flawless as it’s supposed to be, can still make mistakes and I’m drawn to finding those mistakes.  Someday this technology will be obsolete and I won’t be able to create these pieces.  There will be new technology.  In this period of time I can utilize this one purpose tool to create.